For Coding, Gaming, and Office Use

Best Laptop Under 40,000 

Being a creative requires patience, an eye for details. 

We compiled a list of laptops for your specific creative needs. Read on for our picks.

For Coding, Gaming, and Office Use 

Coding, Gaming need RAM, GRAFIC CARD and processing speed. Period.

>>> 01 

Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 3i (15, 11th Gen Intel)

Powerful processing speed and infinite cloud storage.

>>> Score:95/100

Rs 38,000 Only

>>> 02

HP 15s, 11th Gen 

A larger magic screen + processing speed but lacks the infinite cloud storage capability.

>>> Score:92/100

Rs 40,000 Only

>>> 03

The latest and greatest, now in a collapsible version so you can carry with you anywhere

>>> Score:98/100

Rs 39,000 Only