Airtel, Jio, and Vi ordered to boost call quality

TRAI said Jio, airtel, and idea will be asked to implement an artificial intelligence/machine learning tool to detect and block spam from unregistered telemarketers

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To address the increasing number of service quality concerns and customer complaints, TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) has instructed telecom operators to report call drops and outage data at the state level. TRAI is urging telcos to take immediate action to improve the quality of service and connectivity experience for consumers throughout the country.

TRAI has also addressed the issue of pesky promotional calls and messages, stating that telcos will be required to implement an AI/ML tool that has been proven to effectively detect and block spam from unregistered telemarketers using 10-digit telephone numbers.

According to TRAI Chairman PD Vaghela, the industry is currently testing a comprehensive tool to combat unsolicited promotional messages. This new tool is expected to be implemented within the next two months, providing relief from unwanted spam messages.

TRAI officials held a meeting with telecom giants, including Reliance Jio, Bharti Airtel, and Vodafone Idea on Friday, to review service quality concerns, 5G service regulations, and unsolicited commercial communications. The regulator emphasized that more stringent service benchmarks for calling quality parameters are in the works, and a consultation process will be initiated by TRAI in the coming months. TRAI’s directive to telecom companies to improve service quality will be a relief for mobile customers, who have been frustrated by call drops and unreliable networks. While 5G call data will be reported under the current system for now, separate Quality of Service (QoS) indicators for these next-generation services will eventually be established.

TRAI Chairman PD Vaghela stated that they have been examining the issue of call drops and service quality, with a rise in complaints following the implementation of 5G services. The operators have been instructed to improve the quality of service immediately, regardless of whether it is due to the rollout of 5G services or not. This move by TRAI reflects the growing concern over the quality of services provided by telecom companies and signals a renewed focus on improving customer experience in the industry.

During a recent meeting, TRAI Chairman PD Vaghela announced that the monitoring of the quality of service will now extend to the state level. He added that parameters will be made more stringent, and a consultation paper will be issued in due course.

TRAI has directed telecom service providers (TSPs) to take immediate action to demonstrate visible improvements in the quality of service and experience for consumers. The issue of call muting and one-way speech was raised, and TSPs were asked to prioritize corrective action.

In rolling out the 5G network, operators must ensure minimal disturbance or degradation of the existing telecom services’ quality. Telecom operators admitted to facing some problems during the 5G rollout but confirmed that these issues have been resolved.

TRAI informed TSPs that it is closely monitoring long-duration network outages that adversely affect the quality of service and consumer experience. The regulator has instructed all telecom providers to report such outages in any district or state. If necessary, TRAI may consider introducing appropriate regulations.

During a meeting between TRAI officials and telecom companies, TRAI advised companies to plan and implement online data collection systems to monitor Quality of Service (QoS) benchmarks and generate performance reports at License Service Area, State level, or lower granularity. TRAI emphasized the need for internal QoS monitoring on a 24×7 and 360-degree basis and recommended the use of AI/ML techniques for service quality monitoring and management. The regulator also discussed issues related to unsolicited commercial communications (UCC) and directed telecom operators to reverify all registered headers and message templates on Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) platform to stop the misuse of headers and message templates by telemarketers.

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TRAI plans to write to key Ministries and Departments to take action with regard to the cleaning of message templates and removing unnecessary headers. TRAI also advised players to write to the Telecom Department regarding low-quality handsets in the market, which are affecting service quality. During the meeting, telecom operators admitted to some “problems” during the rollout of 5G but assured that those issues have now been sorted out.

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